Products and Application

We can make standard and custom sized marking dies to brand your logo or IPPC information onto your finished products for any automatic pallet assembly system that can be fitted with a heater (branding head).
  • Viking Automatic Pallet Nailing Machine
  • GBN Automated Pallet Nailers and Systems
  • Pallet Chief Manufacturing pallet nailing equipment
  • The Rhino Pallet Nailing Machineā„¢
  • Pallet Pro Automatic Pallet Machine
  • Rayco's automatic pallet assembly system
  • Eagle Pallet Nailing System
  • Bronco pallet nailing systems
  • MLS Machinery Pallet Equipment/Nailing Machines

and many more... Don't have a branding head on your machine? We have the handheld ERGO brander that can brand marks onto pallets, crating and dunnage at 1-2 second interals. No other handheld in the industry can keep up with the ERGO Brander by Schwerdtle. Efficient and fast to save you money.

Ergo Brander image

The World's Best High Production Handheld Brander
The ERGO Brander is a lightweight, 1000W branding iron unit that uses Schwerdtle's proprietary "High-Temp Alloy" (HTA), CNC machined for clean, legible marks and long life.

Standard Standard and Custom Engraving
Schwerdtle's proprietary "High-Temp Alloy" (HTA) are the most durable branding dies you can put on your pallet "autonailer" machine. Designed to take the heat and punishment of a production environment. Our dies can withstand constant operating temperatures from 1200 to 1900 degrees (F). Our fully staffed technical art department and CNC shop can create the perfect artwork for your unique needs. Don't need "custom", we manufacture IPPC marking dies from every agency, adhering to strict guidelines, featuring your certification numbers.
Assorted Hand Held Branding Irons
Assorted Hand Held Branders for Every Job
We carry a full line of low to medium wattage handheld branders. Depending on the heat range, we can make copper, brass, or HTA dies for your brander.

Press mounted branding irons
Drill Press Branding Iron Heads
These branders are offered in all the sizes of the handheld branding irons. These are ideal for the lower volume shop and those specializing in smaller manufactured wood products that can be lifted onto the press table. These are ideal for maker's marks and product logos like those seen on furniture, or even baseball bats.