ERGO handheld 1000w pallet brander
The 1000W ERGO handheld Pallet Brander with our
proprietatry "Schwerdtle High-Temp Alloy" (HTA) die.

See a demonstration video

We suggest the following:

  1. Our BRANDING IRON Product Line
    We make branding dies for any machine branding head (such as Viking and GNB Pallet assemblers). We have branding irons in many sizes for type of job. Our CNC engravers will faithfully create dies with custom artwork, standard IPPC artwork, or industrial codes - whatever you need. We offer the proprietary "Schwerdtle High-Temp Alloy" standard on high wattage dies, offering unsurpassed heat tolerance, durability, and heat related degradation. They are the toughest dies in the industry.
    • Autonailers and Assemblers (custom dies for productino machine branding heads).  Learn more...
    • Press mounted brander irons. Learn more...
    • Hand-held branding irons (from 200 watt to 1000 watt).  Learn more...
    • We carry all the accessories you'll need to get started, like voltage controllers for the perfect heat setting and voltage converters so our products can be used by our friends overseas.
  2. Industry Information and Important Links
    Important industry information for the wood packaging materials industry. Learn more...
  3. Need help choosing the right product, or can't find exactly what you are looking for? CALL US!
    100% MADE IN THE USAFeel free to contact us directly. We can have a branding specialist help you choose the correct options for your job. We have a full-time, fully staffed technical art department that is well versed in current ISPM 15 marking requirements and accredited agency marking requirements for IPPC. We have a full CNC machining and engraving shop ready to produce your branding die with world-class machinery and experienced die makers that insure you receive the clearest printing (burning) dies available.

    Our Schwerdtle Stamp Company tagline is
    "The Mark of Perfection" which we live up to everyday.